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About Cancri Jewelry

Cancri is an international jewelry company established in 2019.
Cancri Jewelry offers over 10,000 luxury jewelry pieces made of gold, diamonds, and moissanites. These pieces are available in our branch network for jewelry stores in India, Thailand, Vietnam, Malaysia, and Singapore, as well as on our official online store.
By the start of 2023, the company has formed partnerships with 100,000 regular customers worldwide. These customers come from various countries, including Turkey, Spain, Kazakhstan, Russia, Belarus, Ukraine, Azerbaijan, Bulgaria, Georgia, Germany, Mongolia, and France.
With Cancri Jewelry’s bonus system, you can make money while purchasing gold, diamonds, and Moissanites.
At Cancri Jewelry, buying jewelry makes you a project partner. You get up to 260% to 312% cashback bonus for every purchase you make during the year. The jewelry will remain yours.
Participate in promotions and sweepstakes for gifts at Cancri Jewelry. Customers are always taken care of by the company.

How to buy Cancri Jewelry and Diamonds?

Why do you need to become a "Cancri Work & Travel" Partner?

Safe purchase

Cancri Jewelry offers jewelry and diamonds that are yours to keep. Their gift certificates can be redeemed at any time in the store. The company collaborates with over 50 elite jewelry manufacturers from around the world. They are expanding their branch network in India, Thailand, Turkey, and other countries.

Bigger Cashback

Get cashback on your jewellery purchases:

– 6% per week or 312% per year on gift card purchases;
– 3.5% per week or 182% per year on gold jewellery;
– 5% per week or 260% per year on diamond jewellery

Quality products

Cancri Jewelry is a testament to top-notch quality, with 100,000 happy customers to prove it. Our shops offer a range of gold jewellery adorned with diamonds and moissanites. These products come from reputable international manufacturers who adhere to both European and Asian standards, and are backed up by certificates.

Stable payments

Your bonuses will be added to your card every day for a year. This will happen for 52 weeks, with equal instalments based on the percentage you set when you made the purchase. Your cashback will be credited to your bank card or payment system.


Passive income

Every day, you can receive bonuses for your purchases without doing anything extra. If you want, you can share information with your friends and get a 5% or more commission for referring them.

Ongoing bonuses and gifts

Cancri Jewelry is popular with its customers. Members can receive cashback and regular promotions, travels, and competitions with valuable prizes to thank them for their trust.

Booking Card

Booking Card allows you to book jewellery instantly, no matter where you are in the world. Our staff will reserve it only for you. You can collect it from one of Cancri’s jewellery shops, in complete comfort.

In your first year of owning the card, you’ll get 5% cashback every week. You can exchange your Booking Card at any time at the jewellery shop. The Booking Card has no expiry date.

Moissanit Booking Card

Cancri Jewelry’s bestselling product is Moissanite, with a profit of 312% per year.

When you exchange your Moissanite Booking Card for a product at one of the company’s jewellery shops, the bonus can vary by up to 6% per week.

What is the Cashback?

On average, the trade margin for jewellery is 500%. If you buy a product from Cancri Jewelry for 50 €, they invest that money back into production. With that money, they make 5 new pieces to sell to new customers. As a bonus for the profits, you get cashback.

Where can I find Cancri Jewelry shops?

The shops will open soon

Buy Cancri jewellery online

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