Maitri unveils a breathtaking 35-carat lab-grown diamond.

Maitri unveils a breathtaking 35-carat lab-grown diamond.

Produced by Maitri Lab Grown Diamonds, the 35.00-carat diamond is the largest to date, making it the new record holder. The diamond is polished into an emerald cut measuring 23.37 x 15.24 x 9.06 mm.

Maitri Lab Grown Diamond, a leading innovator in the Lab Grown Diamond industry, has revealed its latest masterpiece. The diamond is a remarkable creation that embodies the essence of luxury. Maitri’s unwavering commitment to excellence is evident in this stunning piece.

A remarkable 35-carat Emerald-cut diamond has been created. Maitri’s precision and craftsmanship are on full display with this diamond, which has an H Color and SI1 clarity. Jewellery connoisseurs around the world will undoubtedly be captivated by the gem’s striking allure and unparalleled beauty.

Maitri’s team has successfully created a lab-grown diamond. The process took about 1800 hours and involved multiple departments. The diamond is of exceptional significance and represents the pinnacle of achievement in the industry. The team’s expertise, innovation, and dedication have resulted in a stunning outcome.

Maitri is a pioneer in the Lab Grown diamond industry, known for pushing boundaries and achieving ground-breaking milestones. The company’s latest creation is a remarkable diamond, but its size is not emphasized. Instead, Maitri invites people to experience its unrivalled brilliance and exceptional craftsmanship. This beautiful diamond will be showcased at Booth No. 8123 in the upcoming JCK Las Vegas Show. The diamond promises to bring sheer joy to those fortunate enough to possess it.

Maitri Lab Grown Diamonds are a symbol of the company’s dedication to sustainability and ethical practices. Through advanced technology and strict industry standards, each gemstone is produced in a responsible manner without sacrificing quality or beauty. This commitment to responsible production sets Maitri apart from others in the industry.

Maitri Lab Grown Diamond is pushing luxury boundaries with its innovative approach and unwavering dedication to perfection. The company’s latest creation showcases their craftsmanship and solidifies their position as a leading force in the lab-grown diamond industry.

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